The Macintosh Computer

The invention of the personal computer shook the entire world, forcing people to evaluate the way that they communicated with others and providing a new platform for design and advertising to distribute its messages. Flipping the design community on its had both as a tool of production and personal expression the computer has been both an asset and hindrance to the world of graphic design ever since. While the computer has allowed for infinitely new developments of design techniques and mediums as well as increased efficiency of both the conception and production phases of desig,n it has also saturated the market with ineffective and misguided design produced by people with little or no education in graphic design.

The development of cost-effective graphics driven software has allowed anyone with an interest in design to start exploring its application. It has also proven to be an effective collaboration tool allowing individuals from across the world to work and design together in partnerships that could not have otherwise existed. Allowing for the development of new fields of design, such as interactve design, and providing new ways of distributing traditional design mediums, such as advertising, the personal computer has provided a vast amount of opportunities for modern designers.