The Arts and Crafts Movement

The Arts and Crafts Movement originated in Britain during the late 19th century and was characterized by a style of decoration reminiscent of medieval times. The primary artist associated with the movement is William Morris, whose work was reinforced with writings from John Ruskin. The movement placed a high importance on the quality of craftsmanship while emphasizing the importance for the arts to contribute to economic reform.

Morris was instrumental in the founding of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., which would later evolve to just Morris & Co.. Morris & Co. and their publishing division Kelmscott Press contributed much of the work that is associated with the Arts and Crafts movement. The style is associated with many different types of design including architecture, typography, book printing, textile and interior design.

Cowper Rose, Sydney, Australia

Standen House, Designed by Phillip Roth, 1891

William Morris, Tulip and Willow, 1873

The Nature of the Gothic, Printed by William Morris, 1892