Environmental Design

Image from the portfolio of Gensler
Environmental design encompasses the intersection of many different disciplines of design including graphic design, interior design, landscape design, architectural design and exhibition design. It can loosely be described as the communication of identity and brands through the design of wayfinding systems, interior and exterior signage, architectural and identity graphics and retail spaces. It is the intersection of the environment and graphic design, a three-dimensional tool of expression and communication. A wide ranging field of design and also includes environmental entertainment, exhibit and memorial design.

Image from the portfolio of P-06 atelier
Perhaps the largest collection of resources for environmental graphic design lies within the community developed by the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (The SEGD). The SEGD provides resources and a community for those interested in pursuing excellence in environmental graphics. It strives to educate, inspire and promote collaboration among professionals, clients and everyone interested in or involved with environmental graphic design.