The Rise of Corporate Identity

While corporate identity was developed in the early 20th century, it was during the 1960s and 70s that it began to become a necessity for all corporations. The industrial revolution made way for a new generation of corporations across the world and they adopted varying approaches to presenting their brand identities. Not only were logos developed but brand standards became a part of the daily life of employees and described, down to the most minute detail, how the company was to present itself to the public.

Brands were constantly inventing and reinventing their visual image to adapt to a society that was focused on new technological innovations and modern means of communication, travel and entertainment. Brand identities can be done well, or not, and the success of the company often depends on the effectiveness of the visual materials that represent it. Although during the 60s brand identity was something that only major corporations placed much importance on, through the development and spread of graphic design it has found a place in the development of almost every business in every field of modern society.

United Airlines, 1973  

Nike, 1972  

Shell, 1971  

World Wildlife Fund, 1961  

Exxon, 1966  

AT&T, 1969  

Intel, 1969  

Mobil, 1964