Editorial Design

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As a profession, editorial design encompasses one of the largest employers of graphic designers. The amount of media that is created between the fields of book design, newspaper publication, magazine design and their online counterparts demands the attention of many different designers with varied specialties. Even though the development of the computer has put many publishers, newspapers and magazines out of business there are many who are also finding a home in electronic media that include online blogs, iPhone apps and electronic publication.

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The amount of content included in the publication of things like books and magazines demand strict guidelines and rules for the use of typography and layout within the volumes and periodicals produced. The success of these publications depends on clear communication and consist story telling, both of which demand rigorous applications of grid layouts and the establishment of visual hierarchies in order to keep readers entertained while they consume the content.

The pace of book design and the lengthy schedules surrounding their creation are a stark contrast to the world of magazine and newspaper design in which strict guidelines and a quick turn around are a must in order to meet press deadlines. However, they often employ similar tricks, such as varying page layout and photograph presentation juxtaposed next to bold typographic treatments, in order to keep the reader interested throughout the entirety of the material.