Identity and Branding

Photo from the portfolio of Jason Santa Maria
While often written off simply as logo design identity and branding work extends much beyond the creation of a company logo or trademark. The identity of any particular corporation or small business can encompass a variety of materials including business cards, marketing materials, staff uniforms, advertisements, television and radio commercials and company stationary. All of which use a set of standards created with the company identity that include specifics for use of typography, color and logo usage, among other things.

A part of establishing the company brand, the identity work is important in conveying the principles, ideas and standards of the organization for which it is developed. Designers work together with strategists, copywriters, marketing directors and a host of other professionals to ensure that a brand identity is communicated effectively and efficiently from the client to the consumer.

Photo from the portfolio of Gardner Design
Most graphic design firms and agencies create branding and identity work for their clients on some levels while their are some that specialize in identity and branding only. Just as the needs of clients range from large to small so do the size of identity and branding firms ranging from international organizations, such as Wolff Olins, to small design shops, such as Gardner Design, that work with clients and businesses directly in their own communities.