April Greiman

In the 1980s the computer hit the consumer market on a variety of different fronts. At the time the computer was seen as a tool for technology based industries, but April Greiman took advantage of its potential as a new visual medium and helped usher in the digital era of design as she pushed the boundaries of design. A graduate of the legendary Basel School of Design in Switzerland, Greiman was well educated on the standard practices of design and typography when she began to break them.

It was in Basel that she studied with Wolfgang Weingart, whom taught her the ideas and philosophies of new wave typography. Not limited to the basics of graphic design she is also an accomplished photographer and works in a variety of mediums. She finds the title graphic designer too limiting and prefers to call herself a trans-media artist. Her work has inspired designers to develop the computer as a tool of design and to be curious and searching in their design approach. She operates and works out of a studio in Los Angeles titled Made In Space, where she "...blends technology, science, word and image with color and space..."